It's a New World and we're prepared. Bringing together high-quality education and future technologies, A Better Track strives to raise the standard of modern training and education. We see the future and that future points to VR, AR, and XR career training and career engagement. We are building real world virtual training for modern career paths and simultaneously training youth in VR development. We'll see you in the Metaverse.


In our program students will be taken through real industry-standard development pipeline processes learning the foundations of CGI, graphic design, computer programming, and game development.

These students will collaboratively create Learning Environments simulating various work environments with actual tasks to complete and various work behavioral options to choose from.

The Learning Environment created will then be published to the public where others will be able to learn and experience various Work Engagements.

Each student will complete the program with a complete web portfolio, a letter of recommendation, and the ability to generate income with their newfound knowledge.


Though the Metaverse isn't bound by physical limitations and isn't real in any classical sense, the Metaverse yet holds an impact on our natural world. Bringing together blockchain technologies, social media, digital ownership, and virtual reality has opened the door for innovations in Education, Entrepreneurship, and in Finance. These students will not only learn development in the Metaverse but also how to create businesses within this new landscape.


Our students are creating career training simulations in VR that will later prepare those in the Metaverse for Real Careers in Real Life. While our students are learning Metaverse Development, the end-product of each course will be a career training simulation that will be used to educate the public in varied career paths.


The Metaverse is yet an unexplored frontier and dynamic in nature. We are equipping our students with the foundations of art, coding, and planning to really make a difference in the Metaverse. We see the Metaverse as a social financial tool that will be able to, in turn, change our students lives forever.


We want to create a library of training simulations that will help future students really get a feel for what career path they want to take. We expect this to illuminate a whole new perspective on the virtual resume and career preparedness. The public will be able to engage with new career experiences on a whole new level.

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