Youth will be taken through real industry-standard development pipeline processes learning the foundations of CGI, graphic design, computer programming, and game development. These teens will collaboratively create Learning Environments simulating various work environments with actual tasks to complete and various work behavioral options to choose from.

The Learning Environment created will then be published to the public where others will be able to learn and experience various Work Engagements. Each youth will complete the program with a complete web portfolio, a letter of recommendation, and the ability to generate income with their newfound knowledge.


This is where every project will begin. Essentially, pre-production defines what the Learning Environment is about, why it should be made, and what it’s going to take to make it.


This is the longest stage of the pipeline, and it’s all hands-on deck. Ranging from 5 - 10 hours, production is where the Learning Environment really starts to take shape.


Post-production is the last and final stage of development. At this point, all the content and assets are integrated, and the team should be focused on optimization rather than adding new functions or features. The Learning Environment is final and ready to be sent to the publishing outlet and released to the public.

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