ABT’s approach is strength based. Designed to maximize student engagement and teaches a real-world application of their skill set. ABT utilizes trauma informed instruction. We recognize that challenges and barriers that our students have and continue to face. Motivational interviewing is part of our communication style which helps to utilize the students own internal goals. ABT provides instruction in large and small groups. In addition, we can provide 1 on 1 instruction for additional support, giving ABT the highest level of success for our students. This requires consistent instruction that can be adapted to each students needs. Consistency, repetition, and practice are staples to all the skills and workshops we teach.

Youth First Focused Curriculums

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

Getting to Know You: Needs, Employment, and Education Assessment.

Students engage in a conversation and discussion about their future goals. During this time A Better Track will gain an understanding of the following: needs, barriers, ambitions, and goals. This allows ABT staff to guide instruction to fit the needs of each student.

• Motivational Interviewing approach.
• Storyboarding timeline of ambitions and goals.
• What do I need to learn to be successful?
• What could get in my way?
• All students assessments are documented and tracked.

ABT Recognizes the increased opportunities for success by engaging with family and other supporters in the lives including counselors, friends, mentors, teachers, and other professionals that work/engage with students. Assessment and understanding the students we serve is not resigned to one meeting with a student. This is an ongoing process that ABT and students adapt, refine, and adjust as we better understand the students we work with.

Self-Advocacy and Social Emotional Development

A Better Track provides instruction on a variety of skills that reinforce the Job Readiness Training, Career Exploration. The skills are developed and taught with the principles of CBT and DBT. Listed Below are some of the skills we teach and coach, utilizing JRT and career goals as a template increases the level of retention. Many of these skills overlap with other programs and skills that improve critical thinking, impulse control, and communication skills

•           Goal Setting: How to set goals, create momentum, and achieve
•           Teamwork: working within in a team/group environment
•           Dealing With Change/Adaptability
•           Success and Sacrifice: the value of delayed gratification
•           Social Media impacts on career, mental health, and relationships
•           Focus
•           Emotional vs Analytical Brain? Wise Mind
•           Asking For Help
•           Leadership workshop
•           Failure can be the key to success
•           Thinking Traps/Our Own Roadblocks
•           Dealing with Pressure
•           Empathy and Understanding/Alternate Perspectives
•           Social Skills in the Workplace
•           Customer Service
•           Honor vs Dignity: Perspectives that Shape Our Decisions
•           Our Response is What We Can Control

Education and Employment Training

A Better Track offers Employment and Education Training(EET) to county juvenile probations administered by state qualified practitioners. We offer full service to program building in which we will develop and submit all required state paperwork to the state EET coordinator, build a community partner network, handle all state tracking, represent your county at quarterly EET meetings, and work with youth to ensure that they are successful in programming. We also work collaboratively with staff to ensure that we are meeting youth needs. Staff are familiar with CMAP, Motivational Interviewing, and best practices of court supervision.

Pre-Employment Training Services

A Better Track is a statewide contractor with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. A Better Track provides employment readiness skills and self-advocacy lessons to youth ages 15 – 21 who are currently enrolled in an educational program and who have 504 plans, IEPs, or any diagnosed disability. We work in school environments across the state with a curriculum that is set to meet youth’s needs. A Better Track’s curriculum and teaching approach is responsive the unique needs of each student.

My Job: Journey Out and Beyond.

A Better Track is a contactor with Department of Children, Youth, and Families to facilitate the My Job program at Echo Glenn Children’s Center in Snoqualmie, Washington. There we teach youth employment readiness skills to at risk teens in the states Juvenile Rehabilitation system. Our goal is to introduce students to educational and career choices; while teaching them the skills they need to pursue their employment goals.